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Marketing - Consulting services.

Howard and Cooper Consulting

The world's first practical, everyday consultants.

Let us help organize your thoughts, solve your problem(s), and help you win the day.

Affordable, effective, and lightning-fast turnaround!

Call: (424) 268-4365

Our specialties: 

General Advisory:
research, guidance, and problem solving.

Written Communication:
all types of correspondence - creative, analytic, strategic, and/or persuasive - copy writing, editing, proofreading, and copy enhancement.

Dispute Resolution:
conflict resolution memos, legal posturing (we are not attorneys, but we are often better), small claims help.

Consulting Services



Chief Strategist

"I will increase your chance for success."


Chief of Security

"I will keep the squirrels away."

Finally, you can have a master strategist on your side.

Call: (424) 268-4365

References and case studies are available upon request.